We must tell the story of our ancestors, and of their contributions to society, whom have made us who we are today



Music and Lyrics by Elizabeth Turner

Book by Elizabeth Turner, Vincent Pelligrino 

Directed by Vincent Pelligrino

Musical Direction by Andreas Häberlin



Ciao Bambino is the story of a young, courageous woman from Italy who in 1950 moves to New York City in hopes of creating a new life, and ends up finding herself through music, laughter and love. Adapting to new life in America, Elizabetta deals with the challenges of trying to fit into an “American” society, while also staying true to her “Italian” traditions.

While pursuing love and music, Elizabetta discovers her passion and joy in the areas where she least expected she would. Such as by teaching at the rowdy St. Anthony’s High school, where she discovers new and exciting challenges that await her in life.Songs include original music that reflects the sounds of the Mediterranean infused with the sounds of the 50’s, titles including “It feels good to be Italian”, “I want to be in Italy”, “Vita Mia” and “La mia estate amore”. 

Ciao Bambino tells the story of overcoming heartbreak, and language/social barriers of Italian Americans in New York during the 1950’s.  A story filled with passion, determination, love, and laughter that the entire family can enjoy, and sing along too!